Minden Games is pleased to announce that PANZER DIGEST #2 is now available for immediate delivery.  Issue number 2 is forty pages and chock full of wargame articles (including an interview with game designer John Hill, and a Streets of Stalingrad variant) and wargame reviews, plus THREE complete issue games. 

SWORDFISH AT TARANTO is a tactical-level solitaire game covering the daring raid on the Italian Mediterranean Fleet by British Swordfish planes in November 1940, and includes cardstock map, 28 color cardstock counters, and full rules.  In the actual raid, the mighty Italian fleet was crippled; can you plan and execute the raid as successfully?

FIELD OF HONOUR is a two-player (or multi-player) game depicting medieval jousting at the tactical level, meaning individual knights are represented.  It comes with several color counters, Reference Card, and rules. Miniaturists may substitute figures if they wish, to create a real spectacle.  Outcomes of each joust are dependent on each knight's skill, tactics, and ability to outthink the opposition.

THE EVACUATION OF KONIGSBERG may be played solitaire or by two players, and is an operational game about the evacuation of the east Prussian city in the face of the Russian advance in the spring of 1945.  The goal of the game is to evacuate as many civilians to the west as possible (as the Germans... over sea and over land), or to prevent this (as the Russians).  It comes with 80 color counters, cardstock mapsheet (using point-to-point movement), and rules.   The German forces are outnumbered and the eventual fall of the city is a certainty; how long can it hold out, and how many civilians will be evacuated?

Also included as a dozen color variant counters for use with the STREETS OF STALINGRAD variant provided in this issue.  Edited by Gary Graber, and published by Minden Games, the magazine contains articles, rules, a full-color cardstock unit sheet (uncut), two cardstock map inserts, and is sure to be appreicated (if we do say so ourselves!) by wargamers everywhere.


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                    CONTENTS OF ISSUE #2
Swordfish at Taranto (rules)
A Broadside for Salvo, by Lars Boye
Beneath the Streets of Stalingrad Variant, by Jerrold Thomas
Field of Honour (rules)
Talking With John Hill, John Hill with Gary Graber
The Evacuation of Konigsberg (rules)
Letters to the Editor
Thumbnail Impressons: 
    -- Red Vengeance (Avalanche Press)
    -- Here I Stand (GMT)
    -- WestFront (Columbia)

    -- one sheet uncut color cardstock counters
    -- one cardstock Evacuation of Konigsberg map
    -- one cardstock card with Jousting Matrix Reference Card (Field of Honour) and Swordfish at Taranto map